2 days until the Special Committee on Gun Issues in South Carolina

In 2 days the next Special Committee on Gun Issues in SC will be held at the College of Charleston. Moms Demands Action and Gun Sense will be there in force trying to cram their idea of gun control down our throats. Senators Malloy and Kimpson are using these forums to validate and justify their plans to pass laws that will include universal background checks and 28 day waiting periods to buy a gun. If you do not mind further restrictions against your 2nd amendment rights then you can do nothing.

 If the thought of this makes your blood boil then get down to the College of Charleston on Monday night and let your voices be heard. We are looking for lady shooters who can stand up and say with confidence that Moms Demands Action does not speak for all women in South Carolina. Will you be there and if not can you write up a short one page testimony explaining why more restrictive gun laws will not stop criminals and the mentally handicapped from committing violent crime? Write to me at james.moffitt@sccarry.org

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