Arm-In-Arm: South Carolinians For Responsible Gun Ownership

Gun Sense South Carolina is an organization that is pushing for what they call "common sense" gun regulations that will only serve to restrict the 2nd amendment and make it more difficult for us to own and bear arms.  Here is a paragraph from their website. 

Gun Sense South Carolina has a new leader and they are rebranding themselves as Arm-In-Arm: South Carolinians for Responsible Gun Ownership.  This next paragraph comes from their accouncement.  

"Stand-Up Sunday - Jan 27-29
Hundreds of faith congregations across South Carolina will again STAND UP to address the public health crisis of gun violence for our 2nd Annual Stand-Up Sunday event next weekend!  If you haven’t yet, be sure to encourage your faith leader and congregation to participate - it’s not too late!  Please see

Click on the link above for the full story. Let this be a reminder that our opposition is not asleep at the wheel and they are doing everything within their power to persuade our communities and law makers in Columbia to push for more stringent gun control.  They want 28 day waiting periods for gun purchases.  They want universal background checks to shut down the so called "Charleston Loophole" just to name a few.  


Senators Malloy and Kimpson have pre-filed bills which if passed will only serve to restrict our gun rights in South Carolina.  

If you are a 2nd Amendment supporter, and a gun owner in South Carolina, then I would highly recommend that you recognize this threat for what it is.  It is all out war on our gun rights. This is not the time to be quiet and think that the fight for our rights belongs to your friends or neighbors.

We need to take action and have our voices heard loud and clear in Columbia South Carolina. 

Join us as we work hard to fight for your gun rights.  You can be part of a premiere grass roots gun rights advocacy group in South Carolina.  We are looking for people who are willing to volunteer their time, talents and money to be part of a winning team. For the price of a large pizza you can become a supporter of South Carolina Carry.  

We are on the look out for people who are bloggers, photographers, graphic artists, videographers and web designers.  We need people who love being around other people and can motivate them to action.  We need zone leaders and county leaders who can reach out to their local areas and recruit people.  We need people who can work at gun shows and tell the public about South Carolina Carry.  We need people who can visit 2nd amendment friendly businesses where they live and pass out our fliers. 

Will you jon us today?

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