Colorado home owner shot by police

Homeowner shot by police

I lived in Aurora, Colo., when I was a reserve deputy sheriff in the Arapahoe County sheriff’s Department in the 1970s. I cringe, when I recall how little real training we, or even the full-time deputies, had for shooting situations. About all there was, was the Motorola Shoot-Don’t Shoot videos.

WIS-TV is reporting on the fatal shooting by police of a Colorado resident who apparently had just shot an intruder in his home. The WIS-TV story is here

This is a good example why we responsibly-armed gun owners MUST think through a shooting situation. Not only the preparation (weapon, ammo, mindset), but exactly what we are going to do afterwards.

Without knowing what transpired when officers arrived, all we can do is plan what WE would do.

Do YOU know what to do, to keep from getting shot by arriving officers?

First of all, it would be good NOT to go to the front door with a firearm in your hand. Put the firearm down in a safe, visible place with the action open and pointed away from arriving officers.


If there is time, open the front door so that arriving officers can see into the home. Turn on all the lights. Know where your family is and tell them not to make any sudden moves and to keep their hands open and in sight. In this case at least one family member was injured.

If you are still standing over the intruder whom you have shot, know exactly what you will do and what you will not do, when the police arrive.

Move slowly. Communicate! If you don’t understand a command, say so – without moving your hands. If you turn your head toward one or more officers, make sure you do not turn your firearm toward him/them. Finger OFF the trigger.

Look for follow-up stories here.

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