Greenville Gun Ordinance Opined Invalid by Attorney General

In an opinion released last week, the Attorney General determined that a Greenville City ordinance purporting to regulate the possession of firearms is most likely invalid. The ordinance (Sec. 24-264 of Greenville City Ordinances) prohibits the carrying of loaded or assembled rifles and shotguns within the city limits of Greenville.


South Carolina Carry worked with Rep. Josiah Magnuson to bring this request to the Attorney General. Fortunately, the Attorney General agreed with SC Carry that a South Carolina court would strike the Greenville City Ordinance as invalid. Specifically, the ordinance is preempted by S.C. Code Ann. Sec 23-31-510 among other violations.

Unfortunately, only a Court can actually strike down this law. In an attempt to prevent costly litigation and the potential destruction such would bring on a defendant and the city, South Carolina Carry will make a request to the City of Greenville that the ordinance be repealed as invalid as opined by the Attorney General’s Office. All residents of Greenville City are asked to join in this effort.

South Carolina Carry is encouraged by the Attorney General’s findings, and sees this step as another victory for the citizens of the City of Greenville, and the State of South Carolina. Please help us continue to defend the Second Amendment rights of South Carolinians by joining or donating today.

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