HB 3930

Yesterday the House made some progress on HB 3930, a "constitutional carry" bill. In our opinion, this bill will face a fight but will make the crossover date to the Senate. What should you be doing?

1. OBJECT to this bill because it is not perfect? NO. Do not let perfection become the enemy of the good. It's a constitutional carry bill. Hello?

2. CALL your representative in the House? YES. And express your support for open carry.

3. CALL Luke Rankin, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee? YES. He has not moved on S.449, the Senate constitutional carry bill and he is unlikely to move on HB 3930 when it reaches his desk.

4. REMEMBER if you don't act, don't expect others to do so for you. This is a personal responsibility. It's on you.


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  • Gus Philpott
    commented 2017-04-18 14:00:56 -0400
    The S.C. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee meeting is today (4/18/17) at 4:00PM in 308 Gressette. Let’s get this bill (S. 449; ~ H.3930) out of the Subcommittee and to the Judiciary Committee and then to the full Senate for a positive vote before the end of the session.

    Malloy (Ch.) – D
    Shealy – R
    Fanning – D
    Rice – R
    Senn – R

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