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  • You are correct that this discussion is about concealable guns. There is no specific provision in SC law that prohibits carrying a long gun.

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    We have all heard the phrase “ignorance of the law is no excuse.” Most often we hear this from law enforcement officers during a traffic stop when we have done something like make a U-turn somewhere it is not […]

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      All true – but much of the discussion is about “concealable handguns” or those less than 12″ long overall. In paragraph 5 where is says: “ . . .the only way you are allowed to carry a gun on your person . . .” one would assume this discussion applies to all firearms. But I think, except for areas where all firearms are banned (schools, courts, etc.) most of the discussion is about concealable handguns. The South Carolina treatment of other and long guns is much less regulated.

      • You are correct that this discussion is about concealable guns. There is no specific provision in SC law that prohibits carrying a long gun.

    • Great article, well written Mike!

  • With the recent efforts in Washington D.C. to introduce new gun laws in the US, it’s important that all Americans be aware of the facts concerning the current gun laws in the United States.


  • SC Carry is extremely saddened and dismayed by the recent events in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas.

    This is an emotional time for all of us because we all recognize evil when we see it and these events […]

    • Channel 2 news in Charleston showed stories about Moms Demands Action and a national Gun Violence organization encouraging people to wear orange to show solidarity in the fight against gun violence. The Charleston chief of police feels that the red flag laws need to be passed in South Carolina. He stated that red flag laws would help fight against Gun Violence and that they do not threaten the 2nd amendment rights of legal gun owners. This comes in light of several mass shootings in the US and a shooting incident in downtown Charleston on America street. Medical professionals at MUSC added their voices for supporting actions for more gun violence legislation. Once again we see community leaders who are focusing on inanimate objects and looking for ways to limit further law-abiding citizens with new gun legislation.

  • In light of the recent activities occurring surrounding the Corona Virus outbreak in 2020, I’ve found myself thinking quite a bit about my rights as an American under the US Constitution.

    Although my s […]

  • I understand your concern about guns. You see what is on the news and you get scared. I get it; it is scary. And that is why I carry whenever I legally can.

    The founders of our great nation understood this so […]

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  • Well said. I would also add:

    “Such laws would have little effect on society at large because they are only reactionary. To really affect change, we must determine the driving factors that have changed our culture (to cause individuals to believe taking the horrendous actions is an acceptable decision) and work to address them.”

  • Good article. Pretty sure the El Paso case was a gun free zone per the policy of the mall where the shooting took place.

  • I’d like to suggest adding a column that uses color in each cell to denote whether SCCarry Supports or Opposes each bill.