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    Please note: the links to various state statutes in this post are to the CURRENT wording of the law and may not be updated with the changes made by H3094.

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    • Good overview. I share your skeptical take on on the SLED court reporting elements. This initiative will soon be married to an IT infrastructure funding component to lay the technical foundation for a rapid response red-flagging program. “You make all these demands on the courts and SLED, but we need databases and web facilities servicing the fast-tracking of ex parte judicial TRO’s.” And the debate was disgusting with all the reps falling over each other to add their sponsorship to the bill. Seemed innocuous, but it was all a diabolical calculation to reward the Charleston gun-grabbing faction. I hated this.

      Still, I look forward to carrying in manner other than concealed. A long time coming… this sensible change.