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    Unlawful Firearm Signs to be Immediately Removed from Charleston County Parks South Carolina Carry, Inc. (SC Carry) recently assisted the coordinated efforts of Mr. Graham Horsman, Attorney Lauren Martel, South Carolina […]

    • This has been a long time coming. Thanks to the hard work of all the people involved, we got those gun ban signs removed. I know that our members sometimes wonder if we are doing anything at all. The Board of Directors is always working in the background to make things happen about Liberty and Gun rights in South Carolina. Thank you to everyone for all the hard work.

    • I read the recent article Firearms allowed in county parks written by Caitlin Byrd today and I think she spelled it out reasonably well. “Thank you all,” for continuing the fight to keep our freedoms intact!

  • Constitutional Carry 2023 Bills Update There are currently two “active” bills named “Constitutional Carry” bills in South Carolina, both of which are in the Senate. House Bill […]

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    Firearms Bills in Committee, Tuesday, 4-25-2023 S109, S127, & S638 will be heard in the full Senate Judiciary committee Tuesday afternoon, April 25, 2023. The meeting is scheduled for 3 […]

  • If you know of a website coder who would be willing to donate source code to turn the menu bar into a mobile responsive version, we’d be happy to speak with them. As stated, we are an all volunteer organization and our funds are extremely limited.

  • Senate Judiciary Constitutional Carry Hearing The South Carolina Senate Judiciary Subcommittee will be discussing SC 109 (one of the Constitutional Carry bills) on Wednesday, April 5, […]

    • I love what you guys do for fun rights in SC! You’re all fantastic. However, your website designer needs to be fired. The constant hanging menu at the top cuts off half the page and is frustrating and #%@&

      • I agree, I know that this is a volunteer organization
        The access to its text is lacking and has been.

      • If you know of a website coder who would be willing to donate source code to turn the menu bar into a mobile responsive version, we’d be happy to speak with them. As stated, we are an all volunteer organization and our funds are extremely limited.

    • We have RINO’s in our senate and they are doing what they have done in the past. Holding things up till it is to late to vote on them.

      Post these RINO senator contact information so we can comment to them.

    • The anti-constitutionalist strike again. But I will strike on voting day 2024. I’m voting against Sen Bennett!! They pass it out of committee with two days before the end of the 2023 legislative session!! Dirt bags!!

  • H3594 Now In The Senate H3594, The South Carolina Constitutional Carry/Second Amendment Preservation Act of 2023, is now officially in the Senate. The first […]

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    H3594 Constitutional Carry Update 2/22/2023South Carolina H3594 has passed the second reading in the House with amendments & will have it’s third reading tomorrow before being turned […]

  • You’re welcome. You should see the 3-ring binder I have with the legislation printed out, sticky-note flags, & notes written on the pages! LOL

  • H3594, the South Carolina Constitutional Carry bill, is scheduled to be heard in the Judiciary General Laws subcommittee at 9 AM, Wednesday, February 8, 2023 in the Blatt Building Room 516. If you can’t make it […]

    • Thank you guys for always staying on top of and letting us know about these issues which seem to evade our attention in our daily schedules. Thank you!!!!

      • You’re welcome. You should see the 3-ring binder I have with the legislation printed out, sticky-note flags, & notes written on the pages! LOL

  • H3013 & H3341 pre-filed by Rep. Gilliard.

    • Thank you for taking the time to bring these bills to our attention. I love how they are trying to define “Assault weapons”. Sort of like they are trying to define “Gun violence” in the media. I guess the thinking is that if they repeat themselves multiple times that it will become the standard for conversations. We the people need to calmly educate them with regard to what the second amendment says and means. Patriots in the Charleston and surrounding areas need to communicate with their representatives about how they feel about these pre-filed bills. Say No to these bills and do not back down.

  • H3010 & H3011 pre-filed by Rep. Cobb-Hunter.

    • I do not like and do not support either of these bills. But in the interest of full picture two notes:
      1 – FBI Background checks are not required to satisfactorily complete a 4473 for SC CWP Holders. 4473 Block 29 records the CWP info and exempts the need for a check with the FBI.
      2 – 4473’s are filed only in the FFL dealer’s files – so there is no current notification of anyone that an individual has received a firearm. 4473s must eventually be sent to the ATF when the business closes – so they do eventually get to the government. Exception: When two or more handguns are transferred to an individual within 5 consecutive business days – a special report (Form 3310.4) must be filed with local police and the ATF with the individual’s data and the handguns data.

  • Maybe one day I’ll get more comfortable in front of the camera, but I’m not a professional and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, so you get what you get. Ha ha!

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    The issue of Charleston County Parks having signage and information on their website prohibiting the legal carry of firearms has been an issue that South Carolina Carry has been addressing for several months. […]

  • Sherra Scott wrote a new post 1 year ago

    South Carolina Carry has been contacted several times over the past year about no-carry signage at South Carolina State Parks and wording on their website stating the prohibition of concealed/open carry on state […]

  • At a January meeting, the South Carolina Carry, Inc. (SC Carry) board of directors elected Mike Duralia as the new board president.

    The previous president, Sherra Scott, stepped down last month but will remain […]

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    Monday, September 20, 2021, at 8 PM Eastern, South Carolina Carry will be hosting an interactive, online meeting for you to give your input on what YOU want SC Carry to focus on in the upcoming half of the SC […]

  • SC Carry President Sherra Scott and Board Member Randy Jones attended the ceremonial signing of H3094, the Open Carry with Training Act, at Palmetto State Armory in Greenville Friday, August 13, 2021. The open […]

    • Great day for SC. No fee for permit or renewals. Now go after off limit and restricted areas

    • I am so glad that we had representation at this event. This will go a long way for us to get name recognition in the state. Way to go Sherra Scott and Randy Jones ! I wish I could have been there.

    • Bobby Cox gave SC Carry a plug in his speech. Great job Randy Jones for your hard work. No doubt your presence July 22nd made that happen.

    • As summer rolls into September, I have to wonder, what legislation are we pushing forward in Columbia this Fall? Constitutional Carry is a possibility, but it seems to me we need some quick wins first. Examples would include correcting some of the issues that have arisen as a result of the passage of the open carry with training legislation in the last session, such are restoring the requirement for uniform, standard signage, restoration of the anti-confiscation provisions that were muddied, and at the very least, requiring signage at every entry point to a permitted festival where gun control has been enacted by the municipality, or outright striking of this provision from the law altogether.

      What other ideas do you have? We need to be working with the legislators NOW to get these on the docket for the fall session.

  • While this subject is not specifically about South Carolina law, it is an issue that directly affects tens of thousands of South Carolina firearms owners, so we felt the need to share it. The following was […]

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