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  • You may have heard about the 2nd Amendment Rally that was held, Saturday, November 2nd, at the US Capitol in Washington, DC. Many of us were unable to travel due to not being able to get the time off from work […]

  • A national rally in Washington, D.C. is scheduled for Saturday, November 2, 2019 at 1 PM in front of the United States Capitol Building. Here is more information about the rally. […]

  • One of our board members drafted this email that was sent to the headquarters of the grocery store from which they generally purchase. Please feel free to use this as a template for your own letter or email to […]

    • Very concise and well worded response. This is something that we should all use to communicate with the vendors that we frequent. 🙂

  • The State newspaper recently ran an article about Richland County looking into creating gun ordinances. There was great discussion among the SC Carry board about this article. We decided it needed to be […]

    • Palmetto Gun Rights sent out their e-mail response to this issue today. I wrote Denise Snelling and told her that we are joining her as we send out our response both to the county council as well as our own press release to any media outlet that will use it.

  • South Carolina Carry, as a local organization, focuses our efforts on state legislation. However, when South Carolina elected federal officials encourage gun control, we feel compelled to reply. In the wake of […]

    • Well said. I would also add:

      “Such laws would have little effect on society at large because they are only reactionary. To really affect change, we must determine the driving factors that have changed our culture (to cause individuals to believe taking the horrendous actions is an acceptable decision) and work to address them.”

    • Need to post links for Graham, Scott and their district congressman as well as statereps and senators to advise them the 2nd amendment is not up for infringement or discussion without due process.

  • Thank you to Dan Roberts, who brought this article to my attention today. Although this is not within the state of South Carolina, where our organization focuses our efforts, it could greatly affect all things […]

  • The South Carolina Carry, Inc. (SC Carry) board of directors has added Dr. Anselmo Nuñez to the board of directors during their May board meeting.

    Dr. Nuñez was chosen to be added to the board for his d […]

  • We’re looking for someone (or several people) to help with a quick project. We’d like to get a database going of local media outlets to send press releases to when we have newsworthy information. This […]

  • In an unexpected feat, The Honorable Shane R. Martin, South Carolina State Senator for District 13 (Greenville, Spartanburg & Union Counties), was able to finagle a vote to recall S.139 from committee and […]

    • This is the time for ALL SC gun owners to pick up their phones and call their legislator. Use the phone, write letters, send post cards or meet them in person. Whatever you do, do something other than nothing. Trust me when I say that those who are in opposition to our gaining our 2A liberties in SC will be organizing their troops and funneling money into an all out effort to squash this bill. Let’s do this people !!

    • Lance Dice Duncan Robbie Cole My motion, using our Senate rules, pulled the bill out of the Judiciary Committee and onto the Senate calendar. It is now objected to by a Democrat. What we need to do now (prior to January) is build support to get this bill on Special Order. We will also need a hard 26 votes for cloture on 3rd reading as I’m sure there will be a filibuster. I made a huge first step, but we have lots of work left to do! We are going to have to fight a lot of misinformation and negative media attention. Hang tough!

    • How does a State ignore we constitutes rights and wishes every year? How does a State ignore Federal Constitutional Law. Why can one person overrule everyone else in our State. How do the individuals blocking our God given and Federally protected right of self protection by Open Carry get away with that crime time and again. Can Constitutional Law be broken by any federal or state employee without fear of arrest and prosecution? Is it something like why we pay the illegal income, we’re just scared because nobody will have our back? The Income Tax is voluntary. I believe the Feds and our own State crooks are fudging us on Constitutional Carry. In both cases if America decided it was going to recognize ours rights and a substantial number fo it as one, what can be done to stop us if say 240,000,000 people owning 400,000,000 guns and trillions of rounds of ammo, which is legal? If Americans decide to call their bluff we’d go a LONG way to helping President Trump get our Country back.

  • S.139, SOUTH CAROLINA CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY ACT OF 2017 is scheduled to be discussed by the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Thursday, May 9, 2019 at 2 PM. It’s currently scheduled to be held on the 3rd floor […]

  • South Carolina Carry, Inc. (SC Carry) has planned an event to draw attention to ongoing efforts to enact open carry legislation in South Carolina for all law-abiding residents.

    Under current South Carolina […]

  • South Carolina Carry, Inc. is aware that Beto O’Rourke kicked off his SC campaign tour in Rock Hill this morning. Several topics were addressed, including climate change, immigration, and gun control. Mr. O […]

  • H3601 – Public Disorderly ConductPassed House 2/28/19 – Yeas 102; Nays 0; N/V 16; Exc. Abs. 5; Pres. 0; Abstain 0; Total 1233/5/2019 Read 3rd time & sent to Senate3/5/2019 Introduced in Senate, read 1st time, […]

  • HUGE thank you to Roy F. Harmon III, J.D., LL.M. of, contributor to Shaw’s South Carolina Gun Law book, and SC Carry board member for compiling this synopsis.

    Clicking on the […]

  • House Bill 3456 on Constitutional Carry is on the agenda for the House Judiciary Constitutional Laws subcommittee THIS THURSDAY, February 28, 2019 at 9:00 am in Room 516 of the Blatt Building.

    If you can […]

  • Here is a link to a report that was created this morning. It’s the status of all the bills that are in our spreadsheet. Interestingly, there are a couple of bills that were referred to subcommittees that are NOT […]

    • I’d like to suggest adding a column that uses color in each cell to denote whether SCCarry Supports or Opposes each bill.

    • So they are trying to end the death penalty in SC? And yet aborting innocent babies is OK.
      I am tired of the two faced politicians.

  • Sherra Scott wrote a new post, H. 3456 10 months ago

    H. 3456 was introduced into the South Carolina General Assembly 123rd Session on January 8, 2019 by Representatives Hill, Magnuson, Burns, Chumley, Long and B. Newton with Representative Morgan adding his […]

    • Another good thing about this particular “constitutional carry” bill is that it requires no update by businesses who have invested in the “No Concealable Weapons” signage.

      Because of the elegant way in which it allows open carry… simply amending the definition of “concealable weapon” to a small firearm that can be concealed but strikes the requirement that it must be carried in that manner.

      Other bills, by virtue of their massive language changes also require conforming changes to SC explicit signage requirements. This would be a burden to businesses and lead to confusing implementation phases.

    • love it and do hope our legislature has the wisdom and courage to get this bill passed thru both houses while not being bogged down by political strife as well as signed into law by the governor.

  • South Carolina Carry is a non-profit VOLUNTEER organization. We need your help to keep things moving along and get information out. We could use help from our membership in several ways.

    Write original […]

  • Here are the bills currently introduced in the SC legislature. More will be filed. Visit us regularly for updates. Click the bill number for the full text of the bill.

    H. 3053 – amends the law relating to th […]

    • I think its sad that South Carolina gun laws don’t work in accordance with the 2nd Amendment and whats worse is no one is doing anything about it.

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