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    I do not like and do not support either of these bills. But in the interest of full picture two notes:
    1 – FBI Background checks are not required to satisfactorily complete a 4473 for SC CWP Holders. 4473 Block 29 records the CWP info and exempts the need for a check with the FBI.
    2 – 4473’s are filed only in the FFL dealer’s files – so…[Read more]

  • All true – but much of the discussion is about “concealable handguns” or those less than 12″ long overall. In paragraph 5 where is says: “ . . .the only way you are allowed to carry a gun on your person . . .” one would assume this discussion applies to all firearms. But I think, except for areas where all firearms are banned (schools, cou…[Read more]

  • I found their comments on the “sign requirements” interesting and the amendment unnecessary. A Concealable Weapon is defined as less that twelve inches overall length, and the sign says “NO CONCEALABLE WEAPONS ALLOWED” it does not matter if it is out of sight or in the open, any weapon less that twelve inches is not permitted. The sign says that…[Read more]

  • Sent my note to Senator Graham and said:

    Dear Senator Graham,

    Please Do Not support Red Flag gun confiscation without due process and an opportunity to 1 – Face the Accuser, and 2 – State Your Position before a seizure decision.

    I realize that some people should not have firearms, and support banning ownership by those who are judged to…[Read more]

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