My experience at Walmart

The other night I was headed into Wally world and as usual, I was scanning everyone around me. A group of three young men caught my attention. They were dressed like young grunge types do with multi colored hair, painted finger nailed, the emo haircut and tattered clothes. I noticed a holster with something bright yellow on hip of the biggest one. It had the shape of a firearm but the color of a toy. I was not sure what to make of them but I did not want them to get into trouble because they did not know open carry rules in SC so I approached them. I said hi gentlemen, my names is Curtis Arrowood, as I extended my hand for a shake. As I guessed, the big guy shook my hand so I asked him if he was from around here. He said "No, we are from NC". I then told the group. "I do not have a problem with open carry but it’s illegal in SC". With a grin on his face the big guy said "Yep for firearms only". I then said “I figured you did not have a real firearm in your holster but you know how some gun grabbers are". The group laughed out loud and we continued to discuss open carry for several minutes. We said good bye and I walked away with a smile because I had just made three new friends because of open carry. This interaction enforces my belief that most of Americans are pro second amendment no matter what the gun grabbers say.


Do not believe the media friends. Look at the results. Despite the likes of MDA, Gavin Newsome, Michael Bloomberg, the second amendment is coming back. We just elected a pro second amendment president, we have 45 states that have open carry, and National reciprocity is on the table. Friends, we are winning and winning by a landslide. Now is not the time to let up, now is the time to push harder than you have before. Daily contact your state and national reps. weekly reach out to all the state and national reps. spread the truth and point out the twisted truth put out by the gun grabbers. Also teach the young firearm safety along with the history of gun control.

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  • Roy Freeman
    commented 2017-04-02 13:07:37 -0400
    Positive experience for all involved. Good going Curtis!

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