New Arm-in-Arm news conference today

Arm-In-Arm  who is formerly known as Gun Sense SC caught the media spotlight today as they held a news conference at the Emanuel AME church in downtown Charleston SC.  They are putting forth a strong emotional plea to faith based organizations through the entire state.  Their message is simple.  We demand more gun laws that will close the Charleston Loophole.  The mayor and chief of police along with other civic leaders were in attendance and spoke. 

You can see the video from the Post and Courier here. I am hopeful that this news conference will spur you to action.  Join together with us as a grassroots organization that is currently working with legislators in Columbia SC to make sure that more restrictive gun laws are not passed.  Together, united as one, we can win.  If we remain silent, and do nothing then we will not like what the future holds when it comes to our 2nd Amendment infringements that are sure to come.  

Will you join us in the fight?  We are asking you to commit your time, talent and money so we can be a winning team.   

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