NYS SAFE Act -- UnSAFE for Civil Liberties in any state.

Greetings fellow SCCarry members:
My wife and I moved here from New York State in February.  We couldn’t be happier.  When folks ask why we moved here, we tell them that we did not move for the weather (though that’s a plus) — we moved for the 2nd Amendment.  One of the first things I did after arriving was to join SCCarry, after talking to a member during a “2 Gun Shoot” at  Richard Belmore and Kelly Armenta’s Salem Gun & Archery Club.
For those of us who have lived in places like New York State or California — we appreciate the freedom we enjoy in South Carolina.  But we can’t afford to be smug.  The anti-rights forces in New York and California, et al, are working to extend their reach.      
For example, New York State's badly named SAFE Act is unSAFE when it comes to civil liberties.  It denies due process.  This fact is never mentioned by Governor Cuomo or elected state officials — purposeful ignorance.  Better to appear to just focus on the 2nd Amendment rather than let people know you’re also going after the 4th, 5th, 6th and 14th Amendments.
That is why the SAFE Act (Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013) is touted as a “gun control” law, and it is bad enough on that level.  But it also denies due process to any citizen targeted under the SAFE Act.         
Attached is the link to a 4-minute video produced by volunteers to tell the story of the SAFE Act’s assault on due process.  It includes the statement of a citizen who had his firearms confiscated with no notice, no hearing, no trial and no evidence of mental disability.  His doctor sent him to a hospital for testing so he could readjust his medication.  The hospital falsely notified the State Police that he was INvoluntarily admitted.  It is a chilling reality – one we are likely to see applied in other states because it worked in New York State – so far.  We learn from our surroundings.       
Please post and share this video with as many friends, influential groups and websites as possible.  (There is also 8-minute version of the video which contains more of the citizen’s testimony.)  The goal is to make this go viral in order to alert voters everywhere, hold elected officials accountable – and demand they publicly state whether they believe all citizens are entitled to due process.  If they believe that, then they need to do something about the SAFE Act.  Take no freedom for granted; I have a friend in Arizona who believes I am just buying time by moving to SC.  The anti-rights folks will eventually build forces here just as they are moving into Arizona, Texas and similar states.  Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.         
Thanks again to all of you for helping defend civil liberties.     
Read more at this linkhttps://newyorkfreedomwatch.com


Many thanks,      
Mike Benard    
Founding Member, SCCarry




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