Press Release on Santa Fe Shooting

South Carolina Carry Statement on Santa Fe, TX– South Carolina Carry releases the following statement with regards to the tragic shooting at the high school in Santa Fe, Texas:

Everyone at South Carolina Carry grieves with those who lost loved ones. Our prayers go out to families of those affected. It’s heartbreaking to see innocent lives lost.

Sadly, the media is focused on this shooting, and they continue to do so because they will use it to advance their gun control agenda. Some outlets are continuing to cite a false number of mass shootings in 2018, which was refuted by The Washington Post after the tragic Parkland shooting.

This kid used his father's shotgun and .38 revolver. What form of gun control does the left have in mind this time? Isn’t it time to recognize the real problem? Schools are an example of a gun free zone that provides little to no security for our children.

Unfortunately the media ignores the root cause of these mass shootings.
Most are being performed by kids that have been bullied by classmates in
school and in social media. The shooter in Santa Fe was bullied by the school staff. Another issue is parents are not
keeping their firearms out of the reach of their kids. In most of these
cases the firearms were within easy access of the shooter.

The mainstream media has ignored potential mass shootings that were stopped by armed personnel, such as the school resource officers who stopped shooters in Maryland and Illinois.

South Carolina Carry remains firmly committed to protecting our Second Amendment rights. We will continue to urge Congress to pass the ‘Safe Students Act’ to repeal gun-free schools and continue to work with legislators in South Carolina to pass legislation which will reduce gun free zones, provide better security including Allowing schools a
to use armed personnel.allow teachers to carry and pass an open carry bill.

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