S 516 filed March 8, 2017



We just saw the conclusion of the political theater circus promoted by Senator Kimpson on “gun violence” over the summer months.  Now the Senator wants back in the limelight – once again at taxpayer expense.

S. 516, filed March 8, 2017, sponsored by Senators Gregory and Kimpson, would establish a “Judicial Criminal Information Technology Committee”.  The purpose of the committee is essentially to study and report on centralized information technology for law enforcement and the courts.

Incredibly, the “information technology” committee would have no member that has a technology background.  Instead, it would consist of judges, bureacrats and politicians. 

And it comes as no surprise that the committee members are entitled to “mileage, subsistence, and per diem expenses” which they will bill the taxpayer.  (The committee is also “encouraged to apply for and may expend grants, gifts, or federal funds it receives from other sources.”)

Call your Senator and ask for a “NO” vote on S. 516.  Senator Kimpson and the bill sponsors should get back to work and stop wasting money on taxpayer-funded junkets around the State. 

If you would like to join us in our fight against more gungrabber cronyism, you can support South Carolina Carry by  donating  today. 


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