The fight to prohibit high capacity magazine bans

Just last year and undoubtedly again this year, the New York mayor Bloomberg will have his South Carolina paid contractors advance legislation to prohibit "high capacity magazines".  

Let's assume for a moment that they can define that term. What are the counterarguments? 



Here are some persuasive arguments from a popular pro 2nd amendment website. 
First, what about multiple assailants?
If you are facing attack by a group of assailants would you not prefer to have twelve, seventeen or even more rounds to expend?  Do you think you will be your most accurate under the stress of an attack?  And if each attacker is armed, how much time do you have to reload?
Second, would you not be well advised to carry what the police carry?  In most cases, you would be the first responder. This is just a fact based on the time between a 911 call and the time law enforcement arrives.  Shouldn't you have at least what law enforcement carries?  
The average citizen should not have to be armed inferior to law enforcement in such situations.  Their lives are no more important that yours.
Third, in the case of civil disturbance, a well armed citizen is safer.  Consider a riot scenario.  If there is a mob of angry protesters headed toward you, wouldn't you want a full magazine of the caliber of your choice in 20 or 30 plus rounds?

From the article:

Oh, and while you’re at it, perhaps bring from memory those Los Angeles Korean store owners standing guard on the roofs of their businesses with semi-auto AKs during the Rodney King riots. No one messed with those stores, did they?

Fourth, and possibly the best - 
"Because it is your most fundamental right as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, and, more importantly, as given by G-d A-lmighty: the right to the righteous defense of yourself and the innocent. “Shall not be infringed” simply means what it says. When politicians infringe on magazine capacity, they infringe on the Second Amendment. You should want a high cap mag because you can have one!
This is America, not a socialist nanny state or tin pot Third World dictatorship. The saying “use it or lose it” is never so relevant as when applied to our Bill of Rights. See "2A Today for the USA"

Finally, consider your adversaries.
 Your assailants may well be armed with high cap magazines themselves. No ban will affect these criminals; it will actually encourage them. Do you really think the gang bangers care about federal laws? Again, ask the local cop why he or she won’t “downgrade” to a ten round mag to go along with this feel-good idiocy. Ask the pols why they don’t think the cops should do so.

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