Zone Leaders & County Leaders needed for 2024

If you live in one of the counties represented in this image and are a member of our organization then you qualify to be a county or zone leader.

Are you passionate about the second amendment, liberty and gun rights issues in South Carolina?

Everyone has some sort of talent that they can contribute to our organization. You took the first step when you joined by paying the annual membership. That gives you skin in the game and adds you to our email alert list. Any time there is something going on with regards to liberty and gun rights in our state we will notify you with action alerts.

Being a county leader or a zone leader takes your membership to a new level. We are only asking for a couple of hours of your time per month to help us with our vision and mission for South Carolina. The year 2024 will be an excellent time for us to finally get constitutional carry passed in Columbia. We need your help to contact your state representatives and complell them to support S109 which should go to the senate floor for a vote this next session.

Contact me at and I can help you get started today.

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