Welcome to South Carolina Carry


We are a grassroots gun advocacy and education 501 (4) c non profit organization in South Carolina. 

The following list consists of our Board Members and the zone leaders in our organization.


Board Members 

Nick Scarinzi, President                                 Nick.Scarinzi@sccarry.org

Jim Jolly , Vice President                               Jim.Jolly@sccarry.org 

Robert Merting                                             Robert.Merting@sccarry.org

Roy Harmon , Legal Counsel                          Roy.Harmon@sccarry.org

Jeff Hunter, Zone coordinator                         Jeff.Hunter@sccarry.org

James Moffitt, Dir of Communications             James.Moffitt@sccarry.org

Jason Rickman                                              Jason.Rickman@sccarry.org

David Nalley                                                 David.Nalley@sccarry.org


Zone Leaders


Rick Dunlap, Zone 3 Leader               Rick.Dunlap@sccarry.org

John Lane, Zone 4 leader                  John.Lane@sccarry.org

Jack Cook, Zone 5 Leader                 Jack.Cook@sccarry.org

Hal Marvin, Zone 6 Leader                Hal.Marvin@sccarry.org




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