About Our Organization

Our mission is to protect the 2nd amendment and to remove all infringements on the 2nd amendment in the state of South Carolina.

We are a grassroots gun advocacy and education 501 (4) c (pending) non profit organization in South Carolina.

Below is a list of our Board Members and Zone Leaders in our organization.


Board Members

Sherra Scott, Presidentsherra.scott@sccarry.org
James Moffitt, Vice Presidentjames.moffitt@sccarry.org
Pat Marvin, Treasurerpat.marvin@sccarry.org
Roy Harmon, Legal Counselroy.harmon@sccarry.org
Robert Mertingrobert.merting@sccarry.org
Hal Marvinhal.marvin@sccarry.org
Steve Shawsteve.shaw@sccarry.org
Dan Robertsdan.roberts@sccarry.org
Dr. Anselmo Nuñezanselmo.nunez@sccarry.org

Zone Leaders

Michael KeeneZone 1Michael.Keene@sccarry.org
OpenZone 2
Rick DunlapZone 3rick.dunlap@sccarry.org
Zone 4
OpenZone 5
James MoffittZone 6James.Moffitt@sccarry.org
OpenZone 7