Defend Gun Rights in South Carolina

Special Notice:  March 28th 2018 from South Carolina Carry
Recently SC Carry has been asked whether it will be involved in multiple second amendment rallies in South Carolina. To date, SC Carry has not officially been invited to any future rallies by the organizers. In addition, some of the groups organizing these rallies have been established for less than a month and have not made clear who is backing them. For these reasons, SC Carry neither endorses nor discourages these rallies and will not participate at this time. 

If you want to change South Carolina gun laws, you are in the right place. South Carolina Carry is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting appreciation and respect for basic liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. Are you ready to take action?



Between now and May 1, 2018 one lucky member will win a Mossberg Shockwave donated to us by Baeir Arms in Simpsonville, South Carolina.  

In order to join our team and have a chance to win the Mossberg Shockwave you will need to sign up here. Someone will reach out to you to let you know how you can get involved.



Mossberg Shockwave Give Away May 1st