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  • South Carolina Carry is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting appreciation and respect for basic liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. 
  • We affirm the beliefs of America’s founders that we are all created with inalienable rights.
  • We believe that the Bill of Rights to the United States Constitution is the best expression of those rights articulated in the history of civil government. These rights do not derive from government, but are protected by our state and federal governments for the benefit of a free people.
  • We further assert that these rights are cumulative and mutually derivative such that no one liberty can be compromised without a diminution of the others.
  • We believe that the Second Amendment serves a preeminent role in the expression and support of all other liberties protected under state and federal law.
  • We support the defense of liberty through the exercise of authority by law enforcement officers and our military, both state and federal.
  • We embrace the view that the right of the people to keep and bear arms necessarily includes the individual right to carry firearms and will endeavor to protect and where necessary, restore this right under contrary State laws.

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