Constitutional Carry 2023 Bills Update

There are currently two "active" bills named "Constitutional Carry" bills in South Carolina, both of which are in the Senate. House Bill H3594, which passed the House in February, and Senate Bill S109, which has not yet made it to a vote on the floor of either chamber of the legislature. Whether or not either of these bills make it through for a vote on the Senate floor before the end of this half of the session, which is Thursday, is yet to be seen. It may be next year before they are considered again.

S109 was voted on by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday and was sent on by a vote of 12-11 to the floor of the Senate. H3594 was recalled from the Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

There is a slim possibility that H3594 MIGHT make it through for signature by the Governor this session, but it's very slim. It would have to make it through 2nd reading vote with no amendments today, Wednesday, and 3rd reading Thursday.

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robbie Cole says:

Both Bills were contested yesterday which effectively kills the bills at least for this year and possibly next year also

With it being obvious that an unarmed public is nothing but fodder for terrorists like Hamas, especially with the latest example of an unarmed public faces. This bill needs to be restricted and passed.

Its pretty ridiculous, with a Republican Governor and state congress, South Carolina is the only total government state without this personal weapon carry freedom.

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