2nd Amendment rally in Washington DC

The 2nd Amendment rally took place in Washington DC this weekend. I was not able to attend but from what I have heard several 2A supporters with over 30 speakers did show up. There were two resounding themes that were repeated by several speakers.

"We are the gun lobby"

"I will not comply"

Someone posted the video here. I would highly recommend that you listen to this video and share it with everyone. All 30 speakers echoed the same message. We, the gun lobby, will not comply with gun laws, that by their very design, serve only to strip us of our God-given right to own and bear arms.

We were reminded that there are citizens of other nations such as Venezuela and China who are actively fighting for their rights without the protections afforded by the 2nd amendment.

Strangely enough, we are not seeing the same level of activism from our citizens that is being seen in other countries. People in Venezuela and China to name a few are coming out in force to let their governments know that they have had enough and will no longer stand idly by while their governments abuse their powers.

My hope and prayer are that you will watch this video and that you will be moved to join the ranks of lawful gun owners and citizens of our great nation to stand up and be counted. On both the federal and state level we have legislators who are being influenced by organizations that want to strip us of our right to own and bear arms.

Will you join us in chanting "we are the gun lobby" and "we will not comply"? Will you join South Carolina Carry today? We are a grassroots nonprofit organization that fights for our liberty to own and bear arms in the defense of the 2nd amendment. Together we can communicate a loud and clear message to our legislators that they were voted into office to serve "we the people". If they refuse to serve the people and support our right for self-preservation and protection then they must be removed.

Yes, we need you and this is a call for action. Together we win !!

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