A call to action.​

Social media is NOT the source of all things legislative. If anything, social media will do more to confuse and irritate or anger most of us. If it is on Facebook, it must be true. That is the mantra that is widely used. No, social media is not the all-inclusive authoritative list of pre-filed bills in 2020. You can go here to view these bills.

This blog post is not an exhaustive list of pre-filed gun laws. This post is to redirect your attention to the source of these bills so you ca become educated and know how to communicate with your representatives in Columbia.

South Carolina Carry has a legislative team which consists of attorneys who are keeping an eye on any pre-filed bills that will threaten our 2A rights. We are gearing up to defend against any versions of the Red Flag bills that have been written into law in 17 other states. If that happens in South Carolina due process will be removed and your guns can be taken from your homes with a simple complaint to law enforcement.

In order to join our grassroots organization click here. This will plug you in to our e-mail alert system that will notify you of important and timely action items that you need to respond to, Our website is also an important portal of information about up and coming SC gun legislation.

When you join our organization it also enables you to volunteer your time and talents in the county that you live in. We have a need for county leaders and zone leaders all across South Carolina to help us to recruit new volunteers. Together, as citizens and legal gun owners of South Carolina, we can make a difference. The time to end the silence is upon us. Will you stand with us and fight for our 2A rights today?

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