A notice to Publix

The following is a form letter that was created by one of our board of directors. Different merchants like Publix have decided to voice their opinions about our having the ability to protect ourselves when we shop in their stores. If they do not support the 2A liberties afforded to us by the bill of rights then we should not support them with our hard-earned dollars. If you chose to use this form letter please make the appropriate adjustments to it to reflect your position.

Form Letter

"Our family spends approximately $300 -$400 a week at your store on Old Buncombe Road.  Since you have decided to insult your customers with your new policy on firearms that business will now go to one of your competitors.  We have a choice in where we shop and your political views are an unwelcome feature of your services.  Be assured that I will be sharing my opinion with others including our state Second Amendment organization where I serve as a Board member.  Perhaps you can afford to lose the business but I have always understood that the grocery business was quite competitive with thin margins.  We shall see."

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