Action Alert: Constitutional Carry House Bill H3594

This evening I received an action alert from Talbert Black at Palmetto Liberty. It is late and so I am sending you the actual action alert below. If you are interested in seeing Constitutional Carry bill H3594 pass then call these senators now.

Call these eight State Senators and urge them to vote for House Bill 3594 with no anti-gun amendments and no compromises!

Senator Penry Gustafson (803) 212-6040
Senator Shane Massey (803) 212-6330
Senator Luke Rankin (803) 212-6610
Senator Sean Bennett (803) 212-6410
Senator Sandy Senn (803) 212-6116
Senator Chip Campsen (803) 212-6340
Senator Greg Hembree (803) 212-6350
Senator Michael Johnson (803) 212-6008

Your message can be as simple as:
“Please vote for Constitutional Carry House Bill 3594 with no anti-gun amendments and no compromises!”

These eight Republican Senators have all voted to KILL Constitutional Carry in the past, and the anti-gun lobby is pulling out all the stops to have those same Senators kill the bill again.

In fact, three of those Senators just joined Democrats in an attempt to stop this vital pro-gun legislation on Tuesday.

Thank you for your support. Together we win !!

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