Anderson County Meetup Feb 10th at 6 pm

SCCarry Anderson County Group:
Our next meeting will be Monday, Feb 10th at 6:30 at Logan’s Roadhouse on Clemson Blvd. Please plan on eating as they are providing us a nice room to meet in. If we have good turn out and patronize them, we’ll have support for meeting there in the future.

If you have already joined SCCarry, GREAT! If you have not, please go to and go to the join page. It should be easy to sign up and pay on line. If you don’t have access, I will bring a few member forms and you can pay at the meeting. If you want to start getting the email updates on legislative updates, you’ll need to be a paying member. Please reply back and let me know when you get signed up so I can double check the updated member list when it comes out.

We’ll talk about Anderson County 2A Sanctuary status, as well as upcoming meetings. We have a joint meeting with other Zone 3 counties on Tuesday, March 10th. Also planning on a meeting at the Belton Gun Club in April where we can shoot before the meeting! Try to make this meeting so you can stay up on what we are doing.

Don’t forget Sam’s challenge from last meeting! Everyone bring at least one or two new people to the meeting. If you want to send a message to our state leadership, encourage those you know to come join us in the fight. Hope to see you at Logan’s on the 10th.

Randy Jones(864) 505-1533

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