Candidate Questionnaire – Greenville County Sheriff – January 2020 – Darius Hall

South Carolina Carry sent a questionnaire to all the candidates in the January 2020 election for Greenville County Sheriff. Responses are posted by us without commentary or edits. As always, we suggest you do your due diligence on candidates.

South Carolina Carry does not endorse candidates. All candidate answers are posted as we receive them.

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Candidate: Darius Hall

Do you support constitutional carry?
Yes. The right to bear arms is clearly spelled out in the 2nd amendment.
Do you support open carry with a permit?
Do you support open carry without a permit?
Are you in favor of gun registration?
I oppose gun registration. Compiling a database of law abiding gun owners is the first step toward the government confiscating guns. Besides, those who obtain guns for carrying out criminal activities will never register their weapons.
Are you in favor of the expansion of background checks to purchase a firearm? If yes, please explain.
I am not in favor of expansion of background checks. Universal background checks are unenforceable without a comprehensive national registry of firearms. In my opinion, a national registry of firearms is a step toward gun confiscation. Furthermore, studies by the department of justice and others have repeatedly shown that criminals usually get the firearms used in the course of their criminal acts from family members, criminal associates, the black market, or by stealing them.
Are you opposed to campus carry?
No. I believe that gun free zones become a soft target for mass shooters and other offenders who know their violent acts will not be met with any real resistance.
Are you a member of the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association?
Are you a member of the NRA?
I am not.
Are you a member of any other gun-rights/2nd Amendment organizations? If so, which ones?
I am not.
Have you ever contributed to any gun-control organization?
I never have and never will contribute to any gun control organization.
Have you ever received contributions from a gun-control organization?
I haven't received any contributions from any gun control organizations. I would refuse contributions from any such group.
Would you support the confiscation of firearms under Red Flag Laws or any similar order given under the color of law?
I would not support, nor enforce Red Flag Laws or gun confiscation. These laws clearly violate the bedrock of our justice system, the right to due process, and have proven completely ineffective in the states where they're enforced.

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