CBS story on the AR15

One of our members alerted me to this CBS news story about the AR15.  Their story illuminates the differences in the 9 mm projectile vs the AR15 projectile. They failed to identify whether that was a .223 or .556 round.  The journalist who put together the story stated that they were approaching it from a purely medical view point for first responders.  The over all affect for the news story was to show how deadly the AR15 is when used against children and how important it is for us to know this.  The underlying theme for this support piece is to use this story to justify either outlawing the AR15 or confiscation of them.

As we know the AR15 is a sporting rifle and is not a fully automatic military style assault rifle.  The liberally owned and run media outlets have been waging an all out media blitz to brain wash Americans to believe that this is a fact when it is not.  There are many news stories in the media to back this up.  Here is one example from the governors race in Georgia.

Stacey Abrams in the governors race in Georgia has this to say about gun control. 

Our job is to help educate our friends, neighbors, co workers and family and let them know that we advocate for gun safety and liberty in South Carolina.  As a grassroots organization we want to reach out to all gun owners in our state and encourage them to join us in the fight and provide the facts about the AR15.  Instead of demonizing the AR15 and guns in general we should be highlighting the truth.  Guns do not kill people.  Criminals and the mentally ill use weapons of all types to kill people.  Lets fix the MHMR and Criminal Justice systems so that it is not possible for those people to legally buy a gun of any type.

Will you join us in the fight?



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