Gun Confiscation without due process

South Carolina Federal Senator Lindsey Graham has announced support for gun confiscation. In a misguided attempt to respond to horrific shootings, Senator Graham has proposed so-called ‘red flag’ laws that allow for the confiscation of firearms from law-abiding citizens without due process. 

Senator Graham wants you to believe there will be due process . . . as soon as the Government confiscates the guns. There is no hearing before. No opportunity to face your accuser. No ability to hire an attorney. No opportunity to rebut the allegations. You are guilty until proven innocent. Accusations are made behind your back. The Judge does not hear your defense until after your guns are taken. And by then it may be too late as in the case of Gary J. Willis of Maryland who was shot and killed during a red-flag gun confiscation executed in the pre-dawn darkness. 

Senator Graham's stance is more troubling in light of the Trump nomination for Attorney General, William Barr, who also supports this type of gun confiscation. 

We at SC Carry don’t normally involve ourselves in Federal politics. However, when our Senator is leading the effort on a gun control issue, it becomes our duty to rein him in. Please call Senator Graham’s local office and encourage him to drop his misguided support for gun confiscation via red flag laws and to vote against the nominee for Attorney General.

Upstate: 1-864-250-1417
Midlands: 1-803-933-0112
Pee Dee: 1-843-669-1505
Low Country: 1-843-849-3887
Piedmont: 1-803-366-2828
Golden Corner: 1-864-646-4090

Bonus points to all who also call Senator Scott and urge him to not support the nominee or gun confiscation.

4 Replies to “Gun Confiscation without due process”

Kevin Davis says:

I have already emailed Senator Graham on this issue. He has not responded.

BillSmithem says:

Senator Graham never responds to anything – all you’ll ever see from him is an auto-response about how he’s doing wonderful things…

Steve Haynie says:

Lindsey Graham claimed to be a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment when he spoke in Easley back in October. Some people doubted him.

308Tom says:

Sent my note to Senator Graham and said:

Dear Senator Graham,

Please Do Not support Red Flag gun confiscation without due process and an opportunity to 1 – Face the Accuser, and 2 – State Your Position before a seizure decision.

I realize that some people should not have firearms, and support banning ownership by those who are judged to have violated laws that indicate a propensity to gun violence – especially domestic violence. BUT – only after the gun owner has an opportunity to understand the reason and state his case – in court.

There are just too many opportunities for misuse by an accuser – especially a domestic partner who is vindictive and trying to punish the other in any way possible. If unchecked by a rational process in court this would also allow those generally opposed to firearms to make assertions based on their feelings on the issue rather than have facts considered by a court.

Find a judge or magistrate, get the parties in front of the court, let both have their say and reach a decision based on the merits rather than feelings. In some domestic situation it may be imprudent to have both parties in the same room, then as a minimum the gun owner should have the right to be heard by the court before a confiscation order is issued

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