H3010 & H3011

H3010 & H3011 pre-filed by Rep. Cobb-Hunter.

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308Tom says:

I do not like and do not support either of these bills. But in the interest of full picture two notes:
1 – FBI Background checks are not required to satisfactorily complete a 4473 for SC CWP Holders. 4473 Block 29 records the CWP info and exempts the need for a check with the FBI.
2 – 4473’s are filed only in the FFL dealer’s files – so there is no current notification of anyone that an individual has received a firearm. 4473s must eventually be sent to the ATF when the business closes – so they do eventually get to the government. Exception: When two or more handguns are transferred to an individual within 5 consecutive business days – a special report (Form 3310.4) must be filed with local police and the ATF with the individual’s data and the handguns data.

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