Legislative Updates 2019-01-31

Here is a link to a report that was created this morning. It's the status of all the bills that are in our spreadsheet. Interestingly, there are a couple of bills that were referred to subcommittees that are NOT Judiciary committees.

Thank you to Jack Cook for helping with the upkeep of the spreadsheet!

4 Replies to “Legislative Updates 2019-01-31”

DanWiberg says:

So they are trying to end the death penalty in SC? And yet aborting innocent babies is OK.
I am tired of the two faced politicians.

Mike Duralia says:

I’d like to suggest adding a column that uses color in each cell to denote whether SCCarry Supports or Opposes each bill.

ToddJacobs says:

In light of the “run” on gun ban legislation, should we send questionnaires to all of our sheriffs? We may need to stay updated on what their current views are!?!?

Just recently we did send out letters to all of the Sheriffs who are running for election in Greenville County. We posted the responses that were sent out to our website.

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