Let Your Elected Officials Know You Support the 2nd Amendment

You may have heard about the 2nd Amendment Rally that was held, Saturday, November 2nd, at the US Capitol in Washington, DC. Many of us were unable to travel due to not being able to get the time off from work and family obligations, and other financial considerations, however, we still want to show our support and let our elected officials know how our concerns as 2nd Amendment supporting citizens. So, I'm encouraging you to take a few minutes to record a message of support and post it on social media and tag your elected officials in those posts. I'm suggesting a recorded message instead of a written statement so our elected officials know these are YOUR words and not just something you copied and pasted from somewhere else on the internet. They see your face and hear your voice, not just typed words on a screen.

Please remember, the privacy settings of your posted video will have to be PUBLIC in order for the post to be seen by your elected officials. Just posting for your friends to see does not have the same impact. Videos will help our politicians SEE that supporters of liberty are from all races and genders. We are from all socioeconomic backgrounds. We are not a stereotype.

When recording your message, PLEASE remember to e civil. Hateful speech falls on deaf ears and casts 2nd Amendment supporters in a bad light. We would also love it if you tagged South Carolina Carry in your videos. If you are not already a member of South Carolina Carry, I encourage you to join us now at SCCarry.org and click on the join button.

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