Open Carry with Training Bill (H3094) – Where It Stands

This is where the Open Carry bill is right now. It DID pass the Senate with several amendments. I personally don't think there's anything that would give the House heartburn to concur with. There were several Senators working with the sponsoring Representatives. The House won't be back in session until, confirm with your State Reps that they will CONCUR with what the Senate passed tonight.

It DID NOT pass with the Constitutional Carry amendment. This is a straight "open carry" with training (i.e. your current CWP - you WILL NOT have to take another class).

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Why do we need any bills for this? Why can’t the governor just follow the Constitution? Why cant we just follow the Second Amendment as written? The Right To Bear Arms, Shale Not Be Infringed! How hard is that to understand?

A Right, is no longer a Right, if you have to get permission from a bureaucrat to exercise it.

This seems surreal to me. Now my hopes are rising. Let’s hope nothing happens to derail this in the House.

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