S139 Recalled From Senate Judiciary Committee

In an unexpected feat, The Honorable Shane R. Martin, South Carolina State Senator for District 13 (Greenville, Spartanburg & Union Counties), was able to finagle a vote to recall S.139 from committee and force it onto the calendar for 2020 during the motion period of the next-to-last day of the 1st regular session of the 123rd South Carolina General Assembly. Without this motion by Senator Martin, S.139 (Constitutional Carry Bill of 2017) would likely have died in committee like it has the past several years.

If it makes it through the Senate, there is a good chance for this bill to make it all the way through the House as well, since a somewhat similar bill (H.3930) passed the House during the 122nd General Assembly 2017 session (64 yeas - 46 nays).

Unfortunately, we have to wait until 2020 to find out how the votes will pan out. In the meantime, be sure to contact your state legislators to let them know you want them to support the restoration of your 2nd Amendment liberties!

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This is the time for ALL SC gun owners to pick up their phones and call their legislator. Use the phone, write letters, send post cards or meet them in person. Whatever you do, do something other than nothing. Trust me when I say that those who are in opposition to our gaining our 2A liberties in SC will be organizing their troops and funneling money into an all out effort to squash this bill. Let’s do this people !!

robbie Cole says:

I see that the bill has been contested by John Scott so not sure if it will even make it to floor now

robbie Cole says:

Lance Dice Duncan Robbie Cole My motion, using our Senate rules, pulled the bill out of the Judiciary Committee and onto the Senate calendar. It is now objected to by a Democrat. What we need to do now (prior to January) is build support to get this bill on Special Order. We will also need a hard 26 votes for cloture on 3rd reading as I’m sure there will be a filibuster. I made a huge first step, but we have lots of work left to do! We are going to have to fight a lot of misinformation and negative media attention. Hang tough!

George Lyda says:

How does a State ignore we constitutes rights and wishes every year? How does a State ignore Federal Constitutional Law. Why can one person overrule everyone else in our State. How do the individuals blocking our God given and Federally protected right of self protection by Open Carry get away with that crime time and again. Can Constitutional Law be broken by any federal or state employee without fear of arrest and prosecution? Is it something like why we pay the illegal income, we’re just scared because nobody will have our back? The Income Tax is voluntary. I believe the Feds and our own State crooks are fudging us on Constitutional Carry. In both cases if America decided it was going to recognize ours rights and a substantial number fo it as one, what can be done to stop us if say 240,000,000 people owning 400,000,000 guns and trillions of rounds of ammo, which is legal? If Americans decide to call their bluff we’d go a LONG way to helping President Trump get our Country back.

those are very good questions indeed

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