South Carolina Carry Board Elects New President

At a January meeting, the South Carolina Carry, Inc. (SC Carry) board of directors elected Mike Duralia as the new board president.

The previous president, Sherra Scott, stepped down last month but will remain on the board of directors and an active member of the organization.

Duralia has been an active member of SC Carry since joining the organization in 2018. In his previous role as Zone Coordinator for York County, he led the organization’s efforts in that part of the state to promote 2nd Amendment rights. He is passionate about educating the public with facts that are often missing from most public discussions about firearm-related topics. Duralia earned his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech and his MBA from Arizona State University.

Duralia said, "I am humbled and honored to be selected as President of SC Carry. I would first like to recognize, with gratitude from the entire organization, the tremendous job that was done by our former President Sherra Scott. Sherra led our efforts to get HB 3094, which restored some of our 2nd Amendment rights, passed through the legislature. SC Carry will continue to be dedicated to defending the right of individual self-protection guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment through the education of and interaction with the public."

South Carolina Carry, Inc. is a grassroots gun advocacy and education 501(c) (4) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting appreciation and respect for basic liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, and in particular the Second Amendment. For more information about South Carolina Carry, Inc. visit

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