Supreme law of the land

What will it take for EVERYONE to understand that the US Constitution is the SUPREME Law of the land? Federal laws made pursuant to it, and treaties made under its authority, constitute the “supreme Law of the Land”, and thus take priority over any conflicting state laws.
How have we allowed ourselves to be bullied into paying for our 2nd Amendment Constitutional right?
Any legislator, on any level, that attempts to pass or does pass a law violating the SUPREME law of the land has violated the oath they have sworn to uphold.
As a nation, we rebelled against unfair taxation gaining our freedom from Britain.
It appears that we are heading in that direction again based on the current political push to remove our rights from us.
We must become involved at every level possible to STAND up for our RIGHTS!!
SCOTUS needs to declare ALL gun laws in violation of the SUPREME law of the land.

Don't pay lip service to something and complain about it if you are not willing to be active. SILENCE IS CONSENT and if they ever do come for your guns, don't cry about it.
You have a God given right to defend yourself and your family. You also have the RIGHT to bear arms under the SUPREME law of the land.

Tim Owens - Zone 5 Leader South Carolina Carry

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