Tell Congress & Trump What You Think as a Gun Owner

This week the media and the gun-ban lobby are working overtime to convince Republican lawmakers in Congress that WE, America's gun owners, are just fine with the Universal Background Check idea that would make it a crime to loan a gun to your neighbor who is suffering physical abuse from a boyfriend. Many of the Representatives and Senators don't know any better, so they are thinking that UBC and "Red Flag" laws are a good compromise.

If you don't make a call to your three elected officials right now, we very well may lose on this vital issue. 

Take five minutes and make three calls.

One phone number gets you both the Senate and the House.  202-224-3121.

And all of us should be calling the White House to let President Trump know we do not support any "compromise" that involves any form of gun control.

That number for the White House is 202-456-1111. Let's meltdown the phone lines.

If we make the calls, we win. It's that simple. Don't leave it to someone else.

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DanWiberg says:

Made the calls yesterday. I pray it made a difference.

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