Who needs an AR-15?

You and I want the same things: Safety, freedom, prosperity, peace, and liberty. We may disagree about how to reach those goals, how they are prioritized, and even what they look like. 

You ask, "Who 'needs' an AR-15?"

DPMS AR-15 with scope

I do.

I need an AR-15 because you will not be made safe by leaving me defenseless.

I need an AR-15 because if I am disarmed you cannot guarantee my safety, however I will guarantee you are NOT made safe when I am disarmed.

I need an AR-15 because my safety is my responsibility.

I need an AR-15 because police have no obligation to respond to calls for help. (Gonzales v. Castle Rock, Warren v. District of Columbia, DeShaney v. Winnebago County)

I need an AR-15 because sometimes cops refuse to respond: (Reginald Denny, 1992 LA Riots; Broward deputy Scot Petersen)

I need an AR-15 because even when cops want to and have the ability to respond they may not arrive for 10 minutes. Or 30 minutes. I’ve lived in places where if I called 911 to report a creepy guy on my property and then hung up and dialed Domino’s to order a pepperoni pizza, there’s a good chance the cops would eat cold pizza while drawing a chalk line around my body.

I need an AR-15 because your effort at obtaining safety by stripping me of my liberty will result in both of us having neither.

I need an AR-15 because I depend upon myself to exercise my natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to defend my life and preserve my liberty.

I need an AR-15 because, like it or not, we are our own first responders.

Mac Demere

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DanWiberg says:

Well said! I resemble this.

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