H3094 Open Carry On Senate Floor

Well, this week has been interesting. H3094 received a strange 2nd reading for a contested bill and several amendments were adopted, but it will now go into DAY 3 of amendments & debate. It HAS however technically received its 2nd reading. All additional amendments that were pending will be taken up tomorrow during the 3rd reading, but they WILL NOT have to have three-fifths majority for amendments added like they normally would on 3rd reading. Everything looks like this bill WILL pass and go back to the House for a confirmation vote. Assuming the 3rd reading is finished tomorrow...it should, they are all expecting a long day to get it done...it will go to the House on Tuesday for the confirmation vote. There haven't been any amendments added thus far that would give the House heartburn to not get this thing to the Governor's desk late next week.

The CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY amendment is dead BUT H3096, the Constitutional Carry bill, is still alive, but it will be next calendar year (2nd half of this legislative session) before it gets any committee time. That does give us more time to work on those fence setters! It's VERY CLOSE and we at least now have votes on record to know who to pressure. Don't give up! We will post a list of who voted FOR and who voted AGAINST the Constitutional Carry amendment later. (Technically it was a vote to table the amendment.)

It does look like we will be able to legally open carrying in mid-August!

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Jack Cook says:

I have already ordered my new OWB holster. Cannot wait to be able take my coat or vest off and sit down comfortably to a bowl of SC grits in a breakfast restaurant booth.

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