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H3094 Open Carry With Permit Bill Passes 2nd Reading in SC House

One of the many hurdles for H3094, the Open Carry with Permit bill, was cleared yesterday, Wednesday, March 17, 2021, during a 7 1/2 hour session of the South Carolina House of Representatives. A total of 46 amendments to this bill were originally filed with a 47th filed today. Many of those bills were withdrawn… Read more »

Constitutional Carry & Open Carry Updates

H3096, the Constitutional Carry bill, received a favorable vote from the House Judiciary Committee today and will head to the full House, hopefully before the crossover deadline of April 10th. H3094, the Open Carry bill, is scheduled to be heard tomorrow, March 17th, in the House. The House is scheduled to convene at 10 AM…. Read more »

H3094 & H3096 Updates (Open Carry & Constitutional Carry)

H3096 (constitutional carry) to be voted on in subcommittee Tuesday, March 16th at 11:30 am and full committee Tuesday 1 hour after the House adjourns. H3094 (open carry w/ permit) is on the calendar for debate/vote in the full House Wednesday, March 17th. The House usually convenes at noon on Wednesdays, but the calendar for… Read more »

H3094 Open Carry Bill Headed to House Floor

After some political theatrics from Representative Justin T. Bamberg, District 90 (Bamberg, Barnwell, & Colleton counties) H3094 passed the SC House Judiciary Committee today and will head to the House Floor for debate later this month (rumor has it on/about the 17th). Voted for: Bailey, William H Bryant, Bruce M Caskey, Micajah P Collins, Neal… Read more »

H3094 To Be Heard In House Judiciary Committee 3-2-2021 MAYBE

After being skipped during the last meeting, H3094 is on the agenda AGAIN for the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, March 2, 2021 1 hour after the House adjourns, which will make the meeting start probably sometime between 2 & 2:30. These meetings typically last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. The House Judiciary Committee… Read more »