HB 3930

Yesterday the House made some progress on HB 3930, a "constitutional carry" bill. In our opinion, this bill will face a fight but will make the crossover date to the Senate. What should you be doing?

1. OBJECT to this bill because it is not perfect? NO. Do not let perfection become the enemy of the good. It's a constitutional carry bill. Hello?

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Law Makers should move South Carolina Law into the Modern Era

Thirty three states allow the open carry of a handgun without a permit.

Twelve states allow the open carry of a handgun with a permit.

Five states do not allow the open carry of a handgun under any circumstances: California, New York, Illinois, Florida . . . and South Carolina.

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S 516 filed March 8, 2017



We just saw the conclusion of the political theater circus promoted by Senator Kimpson on “gun violence” over the summer months.  Now the Senator wants back in the limelight – once again at taxpayer expense.

S. 516, filed March 8, 2017, sponsored by Senators Gregory and Kimpson, would establish a “Judicial Criminal Information Technology Committee”.  The purpose of the committee is essentially to study and report on centralized information technology for law enforcement and the courts.

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Constitutional Carry in South Carolina in 2017


Lawmakers have introduced two bills thus far that would establish “constitutional carry” in South Carolina, H.B. 3700 and S. 449.  The purpose of these bills would be to allow anyone not otherwise prohibited by State or federal law to carry a handgun, openly or concealed.  

Exceptions include the familiar locations such as school grounds, courthouses, polling places, and so forth, as well as property posted with a sign banning carry.

Undoubtedly, like the concealed weapons permit statutes some decades back and then “stand your ground” laws, constitutional carry legislation has become a national trend.  The National Review cites a report that the number of constitutional carry states will reach 17 or 18 by the end of this year.  

Will South Carolina be one of these States?


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Brain Washing

Eric Holder stated in his speech to Democratic Women in 1995 that people need to be brain washed to think of guns in a different way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rY-HdiR5a0g . Merriam-Webster has two definitions of brain washing. The first one is “A forcible indoctrination to induce someone to give up basic political, social, or religious beliefs and attitudes and to accept contrasting regimented ideas”. The second one is “persuasion by propaganda or salesmanship” 


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H.3700 Summary by R.K. Merting

On February 8, 2017, Representative Jonathan Hill introduced a “Constitutional Carry” bill in the SC House. “Constitutional Carry” though is a loosely defined term that even the most knowledgeable gun rights advocates cannot agree upon. Thus it is not enough to state the intent of the bill; the real question is : What will it do?

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The Assault against our 2nd Amendment Right

The assault against our 2nd Amendment right had increased dramatically during the last administration. With a wink and a nod from the administration, groups such as Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns, Mom’s Demand Action, and The Brady Campaign, used every resource available to attack our God given right to defend ourselves and our loved ones.

Many of these groups receive funds through organizations created by “Silent Partners” to hide their involvement. The “partners” assist these groups with money, organization, data, personnel, and media. They all claim to want to enact “sensible” gun regulations, and close loopholes which allow criminals to acquire guns. But their true motives are revealed when we pay attention to their actions, and listen to what they’re saying. “It’s not always what you say, but how you say it.”

The façade was lifted through numerous interviews. Group members along with congressmen were heard speaking while “off the record” through live mics. When they believed the conversation was private, they spoke honestly of gun confiscation, and the best course of action to achieve their goals. Then when confronted, they obfuscated the issue, and claimed to be “taken out of perspective”.

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H.3240 Right to carry

This is from the NRA-ILA's news release 

One of NRA-ILA’s top priorities this session is the passage of H. 3240, introduced by state Representative Alan Clemmons (R-107).  This legislation would establish that South Carolina recognizes all valid Right-to-Carry (RTC) permits issued by other states.  Efforts have already been launched to gut this legislation, so it is critical that you contact your state Representative and urge them to support H. 3240 without any amendments that would weaken its goal of establishing true RTC recognition in South Carolina. 

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New Arm-in-Arm news conference today

Arm-In-Arm  who is formerly known as Gun Sense SC caught the media spotlight today as they held a news conference at the Emanuel AME church in downtown Charleston SC.  They are putting forth a strong emotional plea to faith based organizations through the entire state.  Their message is simple.  We demand more gun laws that will close the Charleston Loophole.  The mayor and chief of police along with other civic leaders were in attendance and spoke. 

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Arm-In-Arm: South Carolinians For Responsible Gun Ownership

Gun Sense South Carolina is an organization that is pushing for what they call "common sense" gun regulations that will only serve to restrict the 2nd amendment and make it more difficult for us to own and bear arms.  Here is a paragraph from their website. 

Gun Sense South Carolina has a new leader and they are rebranding themselves as Arm-In-Arm: South Carolinians for Responsible Gun Ownership.  This next paragraph comes from their accouncement.  

"Stand-Up Sunday - Jan 27-29
Hundreds of faith congregations across South Carolina will again STAND UP to address the public health crisis of gun violence for our 2nd Annual Stand-Up Sunday event next weekend!  If you haven’t yet, be sure to encourage your faith leader and congregation to participate - it’s not too late!  Please see www.gunsensesc.org/stand-up-sunday/

Click on the link above for the full story. Let this be a reminder that our opposition is not asleep at the wheel and they are doing everything within their power to persuade our communities and law makers in Columbia to push for more stringent gun control.  They want 28 day waiting periods for gun purchases.  They want universal background checks to shut down the so called "Charleston Loophole" just to name a few.  


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