NO Armed Rally Planned

There is a LOT going on recently in the world of politics, social media, and the internet in general. There are MANY rumors, conspiracy theories, and outright intentional lies flying around. One of the things you may have heard is about armed rallies at the state capitols. Let me be clear, South Carolina Carry DOES… Read more »

Social Media Platform Alternatives

Most of you have been following the events of the past week. The fallout from the social media platforms has been unprecedented. Although South Carolina Carry focuses on the 2nd Amendment, we believe all of the Amendments are important. Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon are private companies (not owned by the government) and not subject to… Read more »

Discussion on S32

We’re trying something a little different. A couple of the leaders in our organization got on a call to break down some of the proposed bills in the upcoming South Carolina legislative session. Here’s our first attempt. We are not professional podcasters, so bear with us while we’re learning. This discussion is about S32, one… Read more »

Pre-Filing for the South Carolina General Assembly 124th Session

The first regular session of the 124th South Carolina General Assembly will convene on Tuesday, January 12, 2021. The first round of pre-filing will be on Wednesday, December 9, 2020. We will begin going through the pre-filed bills and update you all with a listing and synopsis of each bill we find related to firearms… Read more »

9th Circuit Ends Californa Magazine Capacity Limit

What the what?! Did we read that right? Yep, the usually NOT 2nd Amendment friendly 9th Circuit has said California CANNOT limit magazine capacity! Here’s a story by the Washington Post. Here’s a PDF copy of the actual response by the court.